Why Use Daniel?

  • Estate agents work for the seller but who represents the buyer? Having Daniel working for you means your interests are represented too
  • In a competitive market, properties come and go quickly. Daniel will spot things early and move quickly to secure the deal
  • Property searching can be costly, especially when moving to a new area. Having Daniel work for you may actually save you money
  • Estate agents & vendors like doing business with search agents. Daniel’s easy manner and ability to build relationships, serves his clients well in a competitive market and difficult negotiations
  • Daniel’s clients are serious buyers and estate agents understand this. This makes you the ‘favoured buyer’ and puts you in a very strong negotiating position
  • Property searching can be time consuming and energy sapping. Many of Daniel’s clients say that majority of the search is simply not a good use of their precious time
  • It helps to get expert advice from people not emotionally involved. Daniel gets to know and understand you. He simplifies decision-making and helps you focus on what’s really important