Coronavirus. Should I be investing? Should I be pulling out of my deal?

It’s an unusual time for property, as it is for every other aspect of life at the moment, but particularly for those who buy for investment, I’m confident property will continue to perform well in the coming years. Whilst many clients are understandably happy to hunker-down and simply focus on getting through the coming weeks […]


The north’s star is rising and it’s time to invest

This year new tax changes designed to take the buzz out of the buy-to-let market began to bite and yet investors kept investing. Not in the over-priced south though. This time, the smart money moved north.  Foreign investors spotted the signs early and saw the tax benefits in buying many, & buying cheap. Others followed suit and though […]


Planning a home build? It’s important to get the basics right

Don’t daunted by the idea of starting a building project. Writing as the dust settles, quite literally on my own home extension, I can confirm it doesn’t have to be an ordeal Mine was a relatively small build so I opted to self manage. You may choose to employ a project manager. Either way, whether […]


Is Help-To-Buy still a help?

Help to Buy isn’t finished. It’s just changed. And if it’s your first time on the housing ladder and you’re keen on a new-build home, you can still benefit. Here’s an update as to what’s gone and what’s staying in 2017. What’s changed? The Mortgage Guarantee Scheme has just ended. This allowed a 1st time […]


Tough times for buy to let but is it time to throw in the keys yet?

In a poll of over 1,000 landlords, half said they expect to see the value of their investments fall considerably in the next few years. Why? The introduction of two new Government tax changes designed to help first time buyers on to the property ladder.The new taxes are significant: 1. There’s a minimum of 3% rise in […]

Read more... has arrived but who might be the winners and losers?

New property search portal has just launched and the early signs are that it might be a worthy rival to Rightmove & Zoopla. Some agents are resenting the fees they pay to ‘the big two’ and now appear to have had enough. A consortium including Knight Frank and Savills launched the new site two […]