How it Works


Once he has your brief Daniel does extensive research in the areas in which you’re interested. He approaches estate agents, scans print and online property press and seeks out private sales that might not otherwise have come to market. You’re kept informed throughout, sent regular updates and encouraged to give your feedback as the search progresses.


He views many homes, shortlists the best and arranges for you to come and view with him. He offers his expertise, experience and advice as you travel together between properties.


When you think you’ve found the right property, Daniel gives you his assessment of whether it represents value for money and advises you on the often complex set of local and national circumstances that influence the property’s present and future desirability and price.

By using a combination of both his expertise and experience in negotiations, and the strong bargaining power that ’represented’ buyer status brings, he he’s in a strong position to bargain hard on price.


He can recommend surveyors, mortgage advisors and solicitors or is happy to act as intermediary with your own contacts, to ensure a smooth and efficient purchase.

He can suggest interior designers and trades people to undertake any work you might need, right down to television, broadband and parking permits.