About Daniel

Daniel has many years of knowledge and expertise in property searching. Whether it’s investment property, private homes, relocations or rentals, Daniel brings knowledge, personality and professionalism to home finding that his clients really appreciate and enjoy.

“In searching for beautiful homes, I’m able to combine my three greatest passions in life; people, places and property” he says.
“I’m not entirely convinced it’s possible to have a passion for one without the other. What is a home after all, without the people it brings together and the place it connects you to?”

“What I enjoy most about finding property is being the catalyst for change. Homes really do transform people’s lives, so when I get a brief from a client, it’s fulfilling to know that I’m about to kick-start an exciting new chapter in their lives.”

When not seeking out the next fantastic home, you’ll find Daniel on the coast, pursuing his other major passion, watersports. Aside from other things, he is a Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster and Powerboat instructor and accomplished white-water kayaker too.