Coronavirus. Should I be investing? Should I be pulling out of my deal?


It’s an unusual time for property, as it is for every other aspect of life at the moment, but particularly for those who buy for investment, I’m confident property will continue to perform well in the coming years.

Whilst many clients are understandably happy to hunker-down and simply focus on getting through the coming weeks unscathed, others are tuned-in to buying opportunities that may start to present themselves as the lockdown continues.

There’s talk for example of discounts by major developers on some new-build developments. It seems some might be beginning to prioritise money in the bank over their desire for profit. I’m investigating this and will be letting my investors know what I discover in the coming days.

In the meantime, the Property Podcast is an excellent resource that I regularly listen to for up-to-date, sound advice on all things property. You might find this episode particularly helpful if you’re either in the process of buying during the outbreak or were thinking of investing and considering what your next move should be: